Clearwater Termite Control – How to keep termites away from your home

Termite control here in Florida is a year round problem.  But the biggest surge is in the spring when subterranean termites swarm.

Many people see flying insects in or around their homes and don’t know if it’s termites or ants.  That would be a good time to give your pest management professional a call and get a proper identification.

Subterranean termites live in the ground.  They only come above ground to feed on cellulose products (wood, paper, cardboard, leaf litter, etc.).  They construct tubes, or tunnels, made from the soil in which they inhabit.  They use these tunnels to travel back and forth from the colony to the food source.

As a homeowner, there are several things YOU can do to protect your home from subterranean termites and the damage they can do.

  • Make sure there is no untreated wood in contact with the soil (siding, steps, step stringers, supports, etc.).
  • Make sure there is no cellulose debris on the crawlspace floor.
  • Make sure rainwater drains away from the house properly.
  • Do not store firewood, lumber, hay, straw, mulch or any other cellulose product adjacent to the house.
  • Have the soil around the house properly treated.
  • Make sure you have the house inspected at least once a year by a professional pest management expert.
  • If termites do appear, it is imperative that you take immediate action to avoid any damage. If you ignore them, they will not go away.

Remember: Termites do more damage to homes in the U.S. each year than floods, fires, tornados and hurricanes combined!

Don’t let YOUR home become a statistic.

If you have a problem…or even a question…about termites, roaches, ants, bedbugs, rats, mice or any other pest, call Coby’s Termite and Pest Control at 727-458-7900 and ask for me, Coby McConnell, owner/president.  I’ll be happy to speak with you anytime.

Here’s to helping YOU live Pest Free!


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