Dry Wood Termites, A Problem For Tampa, Clearwater and Pinellas County Florida

Today we’re talking about dry wood, termites. And right now, in May of 2024, and it doesn’t matter what year it is, but, but it may is when we really start getting it a lot of activity, but drywood termites, mainly because that’s the they swarm, or that’s where they reproduce. And so they’re out there, trying to leave their current colonies pair up and form new colonies. So you will see them swarm in the evening times, usually, it can sometimes be at other times, but almost always, it’s after six o’clock in the evening, sometimes eight o’clock in the evening, all the way up through the early morning hours to three, four in the morning, sometimes we’ll have people tell us that they came in and saw that, but that’s what you’re looking at, as you’re looking at the timeframe we’re doing is gonna be the evening we’re going to swarm, you’re gonna go to the lights, now that light could be a light, like you have overhead, it could be a light shining through the window, like street lights outside, and they get attracted to the light. It could be something as simple as a TV screen or monitor screen when your computer or your phone this literally that’s the life they need. And or the clock on a on a stove or microwave. Those are, that is enough light for them to get hit and go to towards it attracted to that. So that would be what you’d see not now, if you see them swarm, and they live, they are a live, I should say, then then, yes, it’s kind of a no brainer, you’re gonna see him, but they dropped their wings very rapidly. So you may not see the actual termite, you may only see these little wispy wings and when it wispy as you are wiping something down or what even walking by they start floating and fluttering in the air. And so So yeah, that’s what that’s how you can notice what they are almost always going to be around late, a windowsill or something where like that that’s going to be your telltale signs. In addition to having what looks like coffee grounds, and or sawdust, small wood pellets that are for their, their droppings or after they’ve eaten the wood, you’re gonna go ahead and see them. The huge is a pile just because they keep kicking out keep up. And the reason they’re doing that is they need more room. Their colony is growing. So you’ll see the pellets and that gives you the telltale signs of that it is dry wood termites and also the location of that particular colony. In our next video, we’ll talk about how many colonies Can you have for a dry wood termites, subterranean huge one, maybe to dry was a whole different thing. So we’ll talk about that and next thing and always remember, as long as God keeps making them, we keep killing them. You have a great day

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