Termite Prevention for Tampa and Clearwater

And we’re back. I’m Coby with Coby’s tentless, Termite and Pest Control servicing people in the Tampa Bay area. Clearwater, say peach, Largo Newport, Ritchie, Kennedy, you get the idea. Anyhow, today we’re going to head and talk about termite prevention. can you prevent termite from coming into your home? And the answer is no. And I say that because no matter what you do, they’re going to be somehow that they’re going to get it now. What you want is for them to die before they do a lot of damage or any damage now that you can do. And so Termites can get through this mold still crack, they don’t leave barely anything. nooks and crannies that we would never imagine. The eaves the the, behind the bathtub, there’s a bat trapeze as a part that shrinks, they’ll come up there. As you know, in concrete, concrete, Florida, our Sandy’s was a cracks, and they needed a 32nd initial come up. So you’re not likely to stop them from coming in. But you can kill them almost immediately, once they do get it. And so for example, if we treat the perimeter of your home, you’re going to as they come into it, they’re going to touch it, take it back and kill the colony. That’s whether they have one colony or 10 colonies, which usually subterranean so have that many. And however long that goes for you boost it up about every for us we did about every 10 years to do a booster. But but in that time period, there’s going to be an occasional termite that will get in, but it’s going to die. And we also use not just the liquid around the outside religion monitoring station, so every three months, we come by check them out, and we see something active in there, then we step it up even further. So we don’t say you’re never gonna see a termite, but it’s gonna die pretty damn quick if it does get in there. Now with dry wood termites, it’s even more more possible to say more likely that you’re going to go ahead and have trumpeted it. Now you’re dealing with a fumigation, you’re absolutely going to have that happen. There’s no There’s no gray area. And I say there’s no gray area. To think of this. You have as the neighborhood’s get older, 3040 5060 100 years old neighborhoods, old trees of old homes, oak fences, all these different things now termites have gotten into every year they’re gonna swarm each each year that ticker colony that’s formed is getting bigger and bigger and bigger. And and that swarm season will be 60 days, it’s a little longer than that, but to say 60 days, if only half of the time in that neighborhood, the wind blowing towards your house, you have an infestation. So they’re immediately getting into that home pairing off farming colony gathering up steam in five years now that they’re in the now that US wants to build your house, there, you may not see this because it may be in the attic, maybe the walls may not be something that you notice. But the the the preventative type of treatment that you would do is also the correct type of treatment. By treating the wood with multiple products. With the adequate most of the woods that crawlspace if you have crawlspace into the wall voids with the woods, they there, they can still get it, but then they take a bite and die. And so there’s never really a way for them to go hit and get a foothold and so that’s what you’re so so so the prevent can you prevent them. You can prevent major damage from happening to your home. Can you prevent them from getting in 38 years I’d say no. You could do preventative, what do we call preventative treatments. But that’s more of a to prevent major damage will prevent every trauma from getting into the home. So at least that’s how I see it. So hope you found this helpful. As always, remember, lungs that keeps breaking will keep killing you have a great day

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