Love Bugs Flying Around Tampa, and They Aren’t By Volkswagen

And we’re back. And today we’re talking about love bugs. Now love bugs are are seasonal, twice a year. So September, usually there and early early spring, you’ll notice them as well. And most of them you only see a couple of them in heavily populated areas. Because the cars pretty much Calabar, I mean, they’ve run into cars run into them. So they don’t really have an ability to do that. When you travel, and get on the interstates and or the more rural communities, they’re all over the place and you see just 10s and 10s of 1000s of them and they just stick to the car and it’s a mess. It’s nasty as anything. WD 40 seems to help with that. But um, but yeah, they’re not something that that we see a lot of in populated areas like like Cleveland or St. Pete Tampa. But if you get on the outskirts of Tampa, more into Polk and whatnot, books, or played city Yeah, you’ll definitely have more things going on. They don’t seem to hurt anything at all. And if you don’t know why they’re called lovebugs that’s because they always seem to be attached to one another. So there are very prolific so but that’s uh, that’s what that’s what we’re talking about today. Just love bugs and easy two seasons and, and they’re done. So. I’m Kobe, Kobe stentless Termite and Pest Control who are as long as that keeps making will keep coming up, even lovebugs. If we need to use the cars get them down so we don’t have to worry about too much. You have a great day.

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