Does Your Tampa Bay or Clearwater Home Show Signs of Termites?

Hi there, I’m Coby with Coby’s Tentless Termite and Pest Control here today to talk to you about signs of termites in a home. So what is it you’re going to see? Or how would you know that you have an infestation or active termites in your home? Well, you’re going to see, if we’re talking about subterranean termites around termites, what you’re looking at is, if he would see a live termite, you would see that you’re digging in the mold around your home or putting a piece of wood that’s been laying on the ground, you’re going to look like things that look like maggots, I mean, they’re going to be like white little things crawling around there. And those will be eating the wood or whatever it’s underneath. And that’s a pretty common way to find them and digging through the total motion, and or the piece of material down and lifted up. And you’ll see that now, during certain times a year. Mainly in the spring, you will see what we call swarms, or what looks like a black flying ant. And you see dozens to many 1000s Just depends on how big the colony is. And you can see this outside because he lives inside, it can be just about any place inside you just the tiniest, I mean, a 32nd of an inch crack. Basically, playing card was all that it would take to go ahead and and for them to get in. And then start eating. Now if you’re talking to dry wood termites you’re looking at, they also swarm but they would swarm later in the year, say April 15 to August 15. Give or take on the year. For example, to tweet going forwards a little bit late. We’ve been getting leading swarms until the first week in May. They’re still there, they’re just in swarm. You’re also looking at it wouldn’t look at flatlining answered look more like a brown flying ant. And they’d be attracted to light. Whereas the subterranean termites will swarm at 10 o’clock in the morning till two o’clock in the afternoon. The dry wood Termites will usually swarm and say six, eight o’clock at night on up to early morning. They also are attracted to light in the evening time. And so you’ll see easy reflector light. And or if you did not see the actual swarm, the next morning, their bodies are usually gone. They’ve tried to pair up move apparel for formal economy someplace. But you will see the little wispy wings. And that’s a really good a good, bad sign for you. But a really good sign that that that’s what that is. But the questions you have, you can take pictures, send them to us checksum tours have come out whichever we’re happy to happy to analyze those things for you and take care. Now, that’s the telltale signs that we will see. In addition to that is damage. And so if you break open, if you have a piece of woods someplace and you touch on it, and your finger goes through it, well, it’s going to be one of two things, something has eaten it, or a fungus has caused it. So it usually though, if you poke into it, it’s going to be active. And if it’s very clean galleries, when he inside of this really clean you would probably looking at a drywood termite, whereas subterranean termites they bring dirt up into their homes to maintain humidity and moisture. And so you’ll see more a little bit of dirt their bottom line is give us a call just just easier to take care of that so or send a picture, whichever I mean, we can do it either way. Anyway. So that would be some signs of termites in your home. Hope you found that helpful. And always remember, as long as God keeps triggering, we’ll keep killing them. And you have a great day

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