How Often Should I Treat for Termites in Florida

Coby here with Coby’s tentless Termite and Pest Control or the termites move out, but you don’t have to do that you’re going to ask to answer the question, How often do you need to attend a home in Florida? often should you redo this? I read something slightly disturbing. misinformation. It said on somebody’s website that testing gives long lasting protection. And that is just not the case of little residual to two fumigation. And that’s why they put the tent on you have to leave, put the fumigate in there, they put your guests in there, so that nobody can come in or out. And we’re not out necessarily, but it was the long and short of it is there’s no residual to that product. So it doesn’t give any protection. So how often should you do this? Well, they’re saying five years and Arizona five years for a couple reasons. One, that’s the warranty. Link for most customers for at least four or five years, they’ll give you a warranty for Well, the reason they do that is because they are looking at once the termites come back, which is going to be immediately because if you’re fuming, if you are your movements, you begin to that neighborhood is going to be old enough to where you have trees, other homes. When possible fences all these things already have colonies, termites in them. And so with that, they’re going to be swarming every single year, and they’re gonna be swinging multiple times because each colony is not connected. So that swarm is going to go ahead and this one was warm, this one was one of the so all these all the different swarms will happen over about a six day period of time. That neighborhood is going to get lots and lots and not just warms when they do that does when blue towards your house are visible away from the house and meaning that you’re going to be reassessed and rather quickly. If not on the year that you had to home fumigated definitely the next year. Now, once they pair off, that’s what they swarmers are there. Those are the reproductive kings in Greece. But once they pair off a former new colony, King dies Queen strikes over. Now you’re looking at between the time it happens to five years, you have about a colony of about 500 termites, a lot of bugs. And during that time period, they’re eating the entire time. Now, once they do that, then that colony is large enough to sustain swarmers or new reproductive and that colony will swarm out. And once that colony swarms out, you will have another colony form up. Now, if that colony is in your eaves, and it swarms Well, you’re not likely to see anything, but now it will swarm deeper into your home deeper into the attic. Now that colony will take a five year period of time to do what it’s going to do. And you might at that point start seeing pellets, droppings and or wings. But that’d be 10 years of termites eating your home. So So how often should you do it? At least every five years? And probably say more often because if you don’t see anything they won’t fumigate. But if the termites are gonna continue to eat, I mean that’s like the definition of insanity doing the same thing over and over expecting different results, you can get the eat through the nothing stopping. Anyway, so probably should do at least every five years. Or course, you attend a service that is going to treat all the bare wood it’s going to protect it for 30 years. Anyhow, just wanted to answer that question. We’ve seen that a lot on the the searches out there. And then I inserted a question for you guys, so that we can question these or anything else. Just give us a call.

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