Formosan Termites What Are They Tampa Florida?

And we’re back. Today we’re gonna be talking about for formosan termite. Now for formosan termites are a type of a subterranean termite, because they come from the ground subterranean being underground. So, but the difference between them and the a normal subterranean. One of the things is what time of year that you see them, as well as the amount of damage they do. And the the normal time for subterranean is in the Tampa Bay area to to go to St. Pete all around here is normally from January 15, to say, Tax Day, April 15. And you’ll see them swarm. And you notice some of them, usually they’re relatively small, they have wings on them. And they look like wet black flying ants, that’s the best way to put this. But for most zone, they will go ahead and swarm between the end of the beginning of May end of April, all the way up through June. And they for the most part, they go hit the peak around Mother’s Day. And they have large, very large swarms, where neighborhoods will just say that they just cover the lights, you just can’t even see the lights in the neighborhood because there’s so many traumas. The reason that is because the colonies are so much larger when they go ahead and and not just when they swarm, but but the colony is much larger. And they’re also the termite is actually quite a bit bigger than a normal subterranean. So you have size of the colony size of the termites size of the swarms, but just swarms are the elites where the reproductives to go up. So when you have all that against you, when they start to eat your home, that’s when you’re in trouble, because now you have I mean, who you listen to. I’ve heard it said up to like a 60 pound animal eating of your home. Now I kind of doubt it’s that big. But I can tell you this is it because of the amount they’re seeing. And what they figured out with with the rumble, subterranean termites, these, you’re probably looking at a colony that that’s several million termites attacking your home versus several 100,000. So your it is going to be a much bigger thing. Bottom line is if you see something that’s crazy around Mother’s Day, or the swarming could be dry wood termites, we’re having a tremendous amount of those during this time, but you’re also going to be promoting termites. And so if you save a sample, we’d love to take a look at it for to tell you exactly what you’re dealing with. But um, but yeah, so that’s what you’re basically dealing with, and what we’re talking about for most of the damage and they are swarming right now. So, right now being made of 2004. So, hope you found this helpful. And always remember, as long as God keeps making it work, you kill them, and you have a great day.

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