Termite Treatment Coast in Pinellas County Florida

And we are back. Hi I’m Coby with Coby’ Tentless Termite Control. And here I’m going to answer a question that we get all the time, which is how much does it cost a year to take care of your attic? Take care of termite? Or how much does it cost for termite protection yearly? interchangeable, but basically the same thing. So this your question. And so the type of termite you has depends on how big your home is. If you watch my last video that we were talking about how much it costs to treat the homes, and now the talk about the yearly upkeep. So in our case, for us to protect the home exam users are somewhere between 295 and 495. Protecting them on a yearly basis. It just depends on how big the home is, how many termite colonies you have three termite colonies, I’d be a little cheaper, have 30 might be a little money. It really depends on that. Now, three years, it had been 10 to 15% of the original cost of treating the home. Our prices are under that. We don’t feel that we need to make that much money in our initial treatment. So we’re high. But the rich pay for anyhow. So that’s why we somewhere between $295 to $495 is an average cost that we see out there for us on protecting the home year to year. And I don’t know about other companies, how many of them give a lifetime or up to a lifetime guarantee. We did. I mean, as long as you want to keep us the warranty going we will absolutely go ahead and continue to take care of you. So anyway, that being said, I hope that answers your question. How much does it cost to have terminal protection for the year somewhere between 295 and 495, at least in the Tampa Bay area during the time of this recording, which was May of 2024. So hope you found this helpful. And always remember, as long as God keeps making we’ll keep killing you have a great day.

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