German Cockroaches Found in Tampa, Clearwater and St. Pete

And we’re back. So today we’re gonna talk about German roaches in the Tampa Bay area, they really a problem. And I’m gonna say yes, they are there, they seem to be getting worse over the years now, when I first got in the pest control business in the mid 80s, that was what we saw constantly that these were the two, two big things we saw. And the major reasons people call us out and get us to treat their homes. But recently, I’ve been seeing more of an occurrence in there and I, my thought process is as people’s trying to start to eat healthier. And or do stuff better for their family, they want to go to places that maybe don’t have the big box store thing like a fruit stand or, or the rounded corner guy who sells some stuff. And or bookstores as well, buying fruits and vegetables. That seems to be where they come in from. These are one of the few things that are coming from the inside and out. In other words, you bring them into the home. And then they go and they appear and start to form nesting colonies. Before that, it was one of those situations to where we saw them occasionally. I mean, hardly ever had I had a call for German roaches for a long period. But if your restaurants Absolutely, but if not, but that seems to be where things are brought in. And the way I learned that was my wife volunteered at the Suncoast primate sanctuary. And she would volunteer to go to the stores and fruit stands to pick up food for the animals and have suddenly started seeing occasional driven Russia to house. And as we did, it got a little worse, a little worse, a little worse. And then the van got infested was like wait a minute, wait a minute, what’s going on here. And so that’s that’s where the the source of that came from, that was the only thing different than we had done. And so that’s when I finally figured out the boxes and the fruit and whatnot. Not to say anything bad about the stores and or the the fridge stands. I mean, I shop there all the time. But it is definitely an issue with bringing in German roaches from that type of source, you may not see anything, you might just bring in an egg. And then the population will start. And of course, just like anything else, so start slow. The difference between these guys and other insects though, is they reach maturity, sexual maturity in about 45 days, what that does is that the turnaround time for them to go ahead and reproduce is much much quicker. So it only takes about four months before you have a problem. A substantial problem, then eliminating the source. Watching what you bring in on a regular basis, but eliminate the problem is you have to everything how the cabinets do all the nooks and crannies. It’s it’s a process to get them in, it’d be a process to get rid of them. But that’s that is what we’ll look at what you should be looking at with that it’s not going to be a one and done type thing. If you aren’t having a proper terminology, you’re going to have to treat a couple times more than likely. And it’ll take some time to get rid of a lot of work on your part because you’re jumping out all the other cabinets or whatnot. So anyways, I’m Coby with Coby’s Tentless Termite and Pest Control. I hope you found this helpful. Always remember that as long as God keeps making it will keep killing him and you have a great day

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