Stink Bugs Smelling Up Tampa, Clearwater and Pinellas County

And we’re back and today’s subject we’re going to be talking about stink bugs. Now in some parts of the country they are a massive massive nuisance getting into everything I’ve had several people that have had campers that have had them parked in Texas and come back to where they live that and had had a problem with with them infesting and by the dozens if not hundreds of them in the in the in the Tampa St. Pete Clearwater area, not too much. You’ll see occasional ones that are written those suckers kind of look like the structure Trooper bugs. They’re pretty nasty looking. But the they’re actually considered a beneficial insect in our area. Normally the outside you don’t ever see him inside, but they are extremely aggressive when it comes to things that are maybe eating your plants or it really anything they can find. If you were set them in a one, one stinkbug in a an assassin vehicle, stupid thing, but in a tank of crickets, they just they don’t really eat them. They literally just kill kill, kill, kill kill, I mean, so they’re, they’re, they’re really really good with with with the harmful patch. So they are they’re more beneficial type thing. And we don’t normally see massive infestations of them or anything like that. So we’re too much about it. If you do have a problem with them, probably have a high likelihood that they came from some other state. And that’s what you’re what you’re dealing with. At least that’s been my experience so far. Like I said, I have a couple of different places that a couple of different people that have had a problem with something that’s come from from Texas. So I’m Coby with COVID, Termite and Pest Control, where as long as God keeps making work, you kill him and you have a great day.

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