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Termites, Why Do They Just Appear in Tampa?

Coby here with Coby’s Tentless Termite and Pest Control, where the termites move out. But you don’t have to. Today, you’re going to ask to answer the question, How often do you need to get a home in Florida? Often should you redo this? I read something slightly disturbing. Misinformation. It’s said on somebody’s website […]

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Termite Prevention for Tampa and Clearwater

And we’re back. I’m Coby with Coby’s tentless, Termite and Pest Control servicing people in the Tampa Bay area. Clearwater, say peach, Largo Newport, Ritchie, Kennedy, you get the idea. Anyhow, today we’re going to head and talk about termite prevention. can you prevent termite from coming into your home? And the answer is no. […]

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In Tampa Bay, What Does It Cost to Tent or Fumigate a Home

Coby McConnell So hi, I’m  Im, Coby..Coby’s tentless, termite pest control. But today we’re going to talk to you about what, how much does it cost to attend a home? And you say, well, Toby, you don’t have a title company? How would you know? Well, we’ve seen most of the companies out there that […]

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Tentless Termite Explained for Residents of Tampa & Clearwater Florida

Hi, Coby here with Coby;s Tentless, Termite and Pest Control. And with the podcast I’ve got going on here. My goal is to tell you that the questions are answered the questions that have been asked for me for the past 34 years. These questions are something that’s come up over and over and over […]

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Coby’s Tentless Termite Story and Podcast Premier

Coby’s Termite and Pest Control is owned and operated by Coby McConnell. Coby was born in Akron, Ohio on April 19, 1967.  His parents were in the Marine Corps.  Being a military family, they were required to move every few years. Coby actually attended 8 different schools while growing up! He moved to Palm Harbor, Florida in […]

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