In Tampa Bay, What Does It Cost to Tent or Fumigate a Home

Coby McConnell
So hi, I’m  Im, Coby..Coby’s tentless, termite pest control. But today we’re going to talk to you about what, how much does it cost to attend a home? And you say, well, Toby, you don’t have a title company? How would you know? Well, we’ve seen most of the companies out there that don’t do the textures we do. As we kind of get an idea what the prices are. That’s not that. That’s the price of what it would cost, but what is the cost of treating the home? So the cost is this. You have the you have the price of treating the home, okay, whatever, they’re gonna charge you 234 $1,000 or more. But then you have the the cost, which is okay, now, what do I have to do to get prepared for that fumigation? Well, I have to make time to go ahead and leave the home for three days. In my pets, any of my goldfish, my kids, mother in law, whatever is in that house, it coming out? Okay? So you have a three days that you’re going to have to do your expenses and whatnot, when you get out of there that you take it to the next step is Okay, what else do I have to do? Well, you have to get your food and medicine out of there. So depending on how big your pantry is, or how much it there’s gonna be a lot of stuff that you have to remove, and how much time will that take you to go and do that. So now, so you’re dealing with the expense of being out of the home for three days, and the time factor not just being out of the home but also preparing everything that they want you to prepare. Then you have the waivers now if you look at the waivers, it’s a really good good thing to look at the waivers one of the things is they’re not responsible for any damage done to the roof. Well, if I’ve got a 200 pound man, which usually the bigger than that most of us are then then a 200 pound tarp. And I have to pick a ladder climb up which happens to be leaning against your gutter climb up on that walk on your roof now I have four plus 100 pounds walking on my roof that they’re not responsible for nor they don’t responsible for the gutters that way. There’s some really good fumigation companies out there they do a great job, but that they are they still same waivers, they’re not responsible that now if you have beautiful shrubbery, what’s that going to happen to well, if you ever get are designed to kill anything, just living so it will go ahead and kill your shrubs and plants. If you have a beautiful February if they’re too close to the house. Too close as a will depend on a lot of things and each company will choose something different. So you have maybe you’re replacing shrubs, maybe you’re fixing damage that inadvertently that they would never do it on purpose. inadvertently that would go ahead and and cause damage to the home. Only because they have waivers to do that why they have waivers because it’s going to happen I mean that’s their jumps get rid of the termites not to be  ginger with your home. So there’s the price and then there’s the cost so habitual concentrated quite a bit. When you look at the effort that you have to put in to do that leaving your home and possibly having to go ahead and fix damages. If you have a pool a bird cage when you pool you have to get get it the have to get rescreened after you get that not the whole thing but it remove it so they can get the truck bed. And so all these are additional things that you have to do after leaving your home what not so the cost of fumigation is quite high. The price of fumigation, pretty reasonable, but the cost, that’s a different thing altogether. So, hope you found this helpful. And if you have any other questions, please let us know. I’ll always remember, as long as God keeps making, we’ll keep killing you have a great day.

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