Tampa and Clearwater Have German Roaches!

Hi, Coby here with Coby’s Tentless Termite and Pest Control. And this podcast is designed to answer questions that you have about bugs. After over 34 years from me being in the business, people ask me the same questions over and over and over. And so I’ve been able to come up with, hopefully the answers that they’ve been looking for. And for them to go ahead and understand what they’re going through and why they’re going through and how it can be helped. So that’s what this podcast is about, we try to keep it to around five minutes, we would prefer not to waste your time. And so this is what we’re doing. So today we’re going to be talking about roaches. And in this case with the roaches. My key termite guy, Austin, my son has just came in and handed me an invoice and I just said thank you. He’s really, really good, folks. So when you have a termite problem, awesome. Yeah, he is fantastic. Anyways, back to the roaches though, I’ll go with talking more about a Huston and later and later tied back to roaches. So we have basically, in Florida, two types of budget big ones, the small ones, okay. And the small ones are what we call German roaches, or people think that as a dirty Roach, and in a lot of apartment complexes, and places. Usually people that have don’t have the money to have a regular Pest Control service, or can’t afford it. landlords are not known to doing a hiring the best pest guy out there to make sure that my folks don’t have that they can care less. And in fact, I have been in situations to where somebody can walk by me and I can smell get a know that they have a German roaches infestation because of the smell. You smell it once you’ll never forget it. And then you’ll know that there’s there’s obviously an issue with that. Anyways, that being said, so German roaches are somethings brought in. And so whether you’ve get them at a from boxes, from storage, from the grocery store, from wherever, it doesn’t matter where it’s at, but they’ve got to be brought in. And the reason these things are so tenacious is so, so troublesome is that they’re their maturity cycles, 45 days was a maturity cycle, I’m talking about them being able to have a baby, or lay an egg, in this case, inside the egg capsule, there’s anywhere from 15 to 45. Babies, a lot of bugs. And so what happens is in 45 days, that that batch of roaches can go ahead and lay more eggs. So you have 45 roaches that can lay eggs in 45 days, you do the numbers, that adds up pretty quick. The other thing is because they are so quick to reach maturity, they also run into if you do not kill all of them, they now start to become immune to the products in which you use. So that they some of the products we have that just will not will no longer work on these insects. You’d have to drown them in it rather than just apply it and allow them to die of normal causes. So it’s it’s pretty, pretty wild. And so you definitely get these things under control in a very quick and timely manner. If not, like I said they will just spread like wildfire. And unfortunately, most of the insecticides In fact, I can’t think of anything on the market. Double thinking. Yeah, I can’t think of anything on the market that you can buy it at at your local stores, that would have something that would be a great product for that you’re looking at, you want some type of insecticide, preferably one that transfers and when I say transfer, anything very social, as it touches talks to its buddy and a buddy talks the next one, and it would automatically spread through there, whether they ate it or whether they touched it. Sometimes it was sure feedings and whatnot and that will go ahead and transfer but also just that they touch it in. In addition to that you also want we call it an IGR insect growth regulator. And what that is, is it basically so that Roach can be an egg, but that egg will never hatch, or the next rows net would never be able to lay an egg period. And so you’re looking at something that will break the life cycle of these things from the egg The
adults metamorphosis that they would have. You’re looking at that would be what you’re trying to do is break that so so we’re trying to keep this down to about five minutes of my time is just about up. So if you have a question about German Roaches, a little roaches or anything else, give me a call my number here at the office 727 4620400 Also visit us on our website at Copy’s pest control, .comand always remember it long as God keeps making them will keep killing them. You have a great day

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