Are Ticks Bad in Tampa & Clearwater

Hi, I’m Coby with Coby’s Tentless Termite and Pest Control where as long as God keeps making them will keep killing. And I’m here to talk to you about ticks today. And the question is, are ticks bad in Florida? Well, if you have them in your yard or on your body, they’re bad. But normally, in the Tampa Bay area, where most of our services are done at, we don’t see a lot of tick activity in somebody’s yard or whatnot. However, the further you get to like preserves, or wildlife refuges, parks, those type of things. So the more squirrels you have, the more raccoons, possums, those all those animals are carrying those on there. If you get into Cunningham  hogs and deer, they have tons of them on there. So if you’re in a location where that is prevalent, or you’re nearby that location, then it’s very, very likely that you’re going to see some some tick activity. So if you don’t remember a residential neighborhood, I don’t see it very often. However, if you take your dogs or your animals to say a dog park, or something like that, then you absolutely could have an issue with that. The biggest problem with Tiger Woods one of the biggest problems or ticks is that they lay in between 4000 to 6000 eggs in their lifetime and I have a ton of not real long and looking at it at like less than two months. So that’s a busy beaver right there and healing that many, many many babies out there you’re Brown and my dogs are like ticks either if you can hear in the background there so but I just wanted to touch base with you briefly about this and got a little bit bloodhounds touch points you briefed me on this and and I will go into some more detail in the next video. So I hope you find this helpful. And I always remember the ones God keeps making them. We’ll keep killing them. You have a great day

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