Treat Your Tampa or Clearwater Home For Ticks

And we’re back. I am Coby, Coby’s Tentless Termite and Pest Control crocodile things bugs in the Tampa Bay area. And they do a couple of videos one or two on on different insects. But one of the questions came up that I hadn’t done this for the other insects but a mite. And that is how do you treat for ticks? What do you do. And so any place you’re seeing them at, you’re gonna want to go ahead and treat very thoroughly. So if it’s a carpeted area, and or a doesn’t matter if carpet or not, there could be any any surface on the floor. Once you the floors when she’s baseboards, you want to make sure that you get all the nooks and crannies in your furniture, your couches, your chairs, open them up, spray them, turn them over, make sure you get that all those areas in there, you’re going to want to treat. The best thing is like I said it’s it’s going to be to treat with is an insecticide label for checks as well as a growth regulator to break the cycle. So the the in the cycle. So once you have in the cycle, hopefully that will not reoccur. As far as the if using rubbing alcohol, you’re just going to frequency over and over and over and over and over again. And hopes that you find out that you’re going to need all these please find locations. I remember one time I had a it was a corner protector, it was a little L shaped little channel and it was plastic and it was put on the corner. So when you hit the corner, if you went around the corner, you didn’t damage the wall. And in there, it was like 45 ticks, that was all inside of there, they had just found a little carpet area and they were living within these this little spot. So they can hide is really really minut thing. So you have to think very, as doing a very thorough treatment is going to be very important. So and then quite possible that you may have to do multiple treatments as well. So I hope that it interests or helps if your questions that you’re thinking of bedrooms and what like that you definitely strip your beds, bathrooms, mattresses, treat all those type of things. Depending on where your animals stay, I mean if they have a favorite closet they go into you’re going to treat that you usually like to be around while you’re at so that’s probably where they’re going to be at as well. And of course they do need a blood meal so they aren’t searching for your animals or you so they’re not as likely to be in the bathroom, per se. Can it be sure but not very likely. Anyways, I hope you found this helpful. I’m Kobe with Kobe stentless termite pest control and always remember, God keep thinking will keep killing. You have a great day

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