Number 1 Reason To Keep Your Pest Control Company

And we’re back. I’m Coby, Coby tentless termite pest control answering your questions about pest in the Tampa Bay area. And so we’re gonna talk about about ants. And when we think about look at your neighborhood. And the number one reason that a company or a person gets a pest control company is roaches, they don’t assume roaches, they hate those things. They don’t want to be around them. The number one reason they keep a pest control company is ants. Now, if you think about that, it makes perfect sense. Because if you look down your street, and you say how many of these homes have a roach infestation and probably not very many, I mean
apartment complexes of different things like that. But if you have your own home, and you’re in the neighborhoods around around the Tampa Bay area, not being able to have a roach infestation. But how many of those can have an ant infestation? Every single house on your block can have an infestation, it probably does, or has had one at one time and they keep deciding to come back. So it’s just one of those things to where if you’re looking to to keep things from bothering you keep them out of your house. I mean, let’s face it, it’s your most valuable possession and you don’t want ants, roaches, maybe crawlers of any kind to get in there and keep them out. Give us a call. Talk to us about our maintenance programs. We’ll be happy to go ahead and talk to you about roaches answer any other pests. You may have a problem with Coby with Coby Tentless Termite and Pest Control and get where as long as God keeps making them. We’ll keep killing them. You have a great day

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