Creepy Spiders in Tampa, FL

Christmas and Halloween have to be the most fun and celebrated holidays for the McConnell family. At Halloween, we put up seasonal decorations and carve our jack-o-lantern, just like many of our neighbors and friends throughout the community.

As the president and owner of Coby’s Tentless Termite and Pest Control, I always notice spider webs, and at Halloween, fake webs with the small plastic spiders strewn across tree branches, porch eaves, and inside homes, remind me of a true Halloween story about spiders in the Tampa Bay area, and one I won’t soon forget!

Web adornments were stretched far and wide throughout our home, complete with the tiny inanimate spiders. However, I happened to notice one wayward white strand that didn’t seem to belong with the decorations, and it was strung across practically every room. After closer inspection, my wife found one of the spiders was not like the others. It was bigger, rounder, and real! It was definitely responsible for the actual spider webbing spun around our home. My wife used a spray powder formula to follow the silky strand, and I’m proud to say, she eliminated the real spider.

Few things are considered creepier than spiders, and Florida is full of them. There are as many as 900 species in the Sunshine State, some that are scary-looking, but not dangerous to you or your family, and a few more even more frightening because they are venomous and can cause serious health emergencies should someone suffer a bite.

Dangerous spiders you don’t want to encounter are brown recluse and false wolf spiders. Their venom is nasty and has the potential to result in serious health issues. Common spiders in Pasco that do not pose health threat – only  scare tactics – include wolf, golden silk, spiny  & long-jawed orb weavers, black and yellow argiope, green lynx, crab, and daddy long-leg spiders.

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PS:  And remember… As long as God keep’s makin’em, we’ll keep killin’em!

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