Two Types of Termites Infest Homes in Pinellas County, FL

As owner of Coby’s Tentless Termite and Pest Control, I have experienced two types of termite infestations in Pinellas County. These wood-destroying devils are detrimental to your home and adjacent structures, silently devouring wood and stucco, leaving subtle hints of their presence, while costing you dearly.

Dry Wood Termites feast on dry wood. They can survive and thrive on the minimal amounts of moisture in dry wood for periods of time that can span years.

Signs you may have dry wood termites include tiny wings that have fallen from older termites (five years-old) littering your home; and trails or piles of what appear to be coffee grounds of a lighter color, indicative of termite waste.

Subterranean Termites are ground dwellers, and can be found in mulch, dirt and mud around the home. These termites come from colonies as large as 60,000 to several million. They are usually found in early spring, between mid-January and mid-March, and usually earlier in the day, 10 AM – 2 PM. They love temps that rise to or linger at or above 70 degrees; and they are partial to humid climates and moisture, which is why rain and dewfall can be factors to infestations under a house, in walls and even in stucco.

Subterranean termites resemble small white worms or maggots; they are winged, ant-like insects; and they appear in swarms that can look like a cloud of smoke.

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