Fleas Are Coming In Droves Because It Is Warmer in Tampa and Pinellas

Today we’re talking about flees in the warmer weather. Now in some places in the country, you will get most places in the country, you’ll get a freeze, you’ll get cold weather, and most things in a dormant state, but the in the Tampa Bay, and Ellis County, Clearwater, St. Pete area. Yeah, I didn’t know so much. We don’t get that for a number of different reasons. But one of which is we’re also as a peninsula, and it has water all the way around, it usually stays pretty warm with a golf and whatnot. But the but the main thing is, is that you’ll start to see your animals start to scratch a little bit more, you’ll see something jump on you. And then then it starts and if you if you’re very diligent with with your vets, the ones where you won’t have a problem. But if you’re like most people, myself included. Yeah, not so much. And until you seem scratching and itching, oh, gosh, we gotta go go go get the pill or we got to go get something put on them. You can go hand in and help by treating your loved one and your shrubs and whatnot. But if you’re in direct sunlight, fleets don’t really have the ability to live in direct sunlight. So if you’re on direct sunlight, not going to be too much problem as far as your animals picking up too many. On the other hand, if you’re taking me out for walks, or you have a lot of shaping your yard, you definitely can have a problem with fleas. And those areas need to be treated. In addition to you taking your vet’s advice, it used to be that we didn’t have all these wonderful medications for the animals that would suppress or control fleas. And so literally every single month you’re in that house treating for leaves treating for fleas, treating for fleas, and that was the only way you could do it. smelliest, nastiest products on the market. Now, I still have a little bit of an under 12 But they can be treated and more and more people have less carpet, hardwood floors, terrazzo tile etc. And, and now we have special treatments we can do for those as well. So if you have any problems, please let us know give us a call and it’s something that we can probably help you out with.  Coby’s Tentless Termite and Pest Control as long as God keeps making them will keep killing. You have a great day.

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