Wasps, Hornets & Bees In Tampa Bay St. Pete

Coby McConnell
And we’re back. So today we’re going to be talking about wasps, hornets, bees, Yellowjackets, mud dobbers. Anything else that you think are can sting you? Cicada killers, number of different things out there. So the big one the most aggressive of the bunch is a horrid one, it’s gonna have a hot almost looks like what you would consider a beehive. But it is a kind of a papery thin. Bottom line, if you see any, you won’t see like a half a dozen or dozen, you’ll see hundreds usually going back and forth, back and forth, back and forth. Stay clear. They are very aggressive. And if one hits you, then it seems like all the rest of them fine, you’re pretty pretty quick. And unlike bees, if they sting you wants to done they’re supposed to be able to sting multiple times, and then that can be very dangerous. So that’s that’s the the most aggressive the budget in the Bay Area puddles, county water safety, we have a we do have to African manage these. Fortunately, we don’t see them very often. And they’re not usually not very aggressive. The problem is, you don’t usually want to get close enough to find out whether or not they are African eyes or not, you don’t just because they have been known to be so aggressive to kill large animals of the horse. And so you just want to be very careful bees, I hate the idea of killing these because of the fact that we have a colony collapse in and we need them as pollinators. But I have to make sure that you’d be protected too. So that’s my other. One other point on that as I’m more concerned about protecting you than I am about the hive collapse or anything like that, I we get maybe three calls a year on something like that. So it’s one of those things, we’re you have to weigh it out to see what’s safe for you and your family. The other part about that the when you look at something along the lines of a wass look up, you’ll see something that kind of looks like a honeycomb pattern with with the number of Wasp in there. And if it goes untreated, it can get pretty big. But normally you’ll see I don’t know, six to 20 pretty simple to take care of. If you are allergic, do not try to do it yourself. But you can do something along the lines of a if you have to do something immediately rubbing alcohol but if you’ve got a pest control service, you’re gonna have a situation to where the maintenance is usually enough to kill what’s there and keep things away. My daughters are another one, just just clump of mud that you see up there. And the way you know if it’s there’s something in there or not, is if there’s a hole. And the reason that is because the mama mud never goes to the wall and picks up insects, that’s them in there. And then laser eggs or vice versa lizards, stuffs the inserts in there closes the door. And then once that happens that the when it hatches it eats its way out. And then when it flies out within that there’s no thing any longer they’re huge, but the only thing to do is take a hose and wash them down and that’s that’s about it. But those are the main ones that we have in this area when it’s bees, wasps jackets, but but the Hornets the ones that are really aggressive and the rest of them usually maintenance will will take care of without too much of a problem. And then hopefully you don’t have an issue with with with Africanized bees, or any bee problem as they are mostly beneficial. So I hope you found that helpful. I’m Kobe with Kobe stentless termite pest control, where as long this guy keeps making and we’ll keep killing and you have a great day

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