Caterpillars are Crawling in Tampa, Clearwater and St. Pete

Today’s subject is caterpillars. Some of you may have noticed, when you start to have the leaves fall off, especially in in heavily oak wood, there’s a lot of oak trees. Clearwater, St. Pete Tampa Bay area, you have a little with oak leaves fall off and start to come back on, you’ll have the little tiny green work, they look like work, but they’re caterpillars. And they’re in the process of trying to restring their soap down. When you run into it, when you clean your face off, and it’s a mess. There’s not a lot you can do for those. And they’re going to turn into this little tiny moth, you do not do not eat a lot of tomato, and you really don’t need anything. But the caterpillars will feed off of the trees. So we’ll see a lot of those. And that’s what we’ve seen here recently, unfortunately, not a lot you can do with them. If you have a massive, massive problems, there are some ways to treat trees. But it’s usually not an issue or not a big enough issue to go ahead and warrant the expense, the ones that I am more concerned with, and these are the ones that I recommend that you be cautious of. If you see a fuzzy caterpillar. Now there could be 10 Caterpillar saddle backs, that could be a number of different ones out there. Those are all over the world. And they are extremely venomous and I can’t say it’s venomous because if you’re not gonna get bit but if you catch them those spikes on their back light you on fire unfortunately I had the one time I had that situation to where I was doing a termite treatment around the property and walk through some shrubs and my entire arm went on fire I mean instantaneous instant from one side that was burning was that and and it was a little tiny caterpillar on the bottom of the leaf and thing was no bigger than that and it was it was tiny. So I didn’t even see it. And I had never on that particular plant I’ve never seen him since then. That was the only time I’ve ever seen him in that area or on that type of plant. And in all honesty I really don’t see a lot of them. But when you do and if it’s fuzzy just stay away and then if that’s the best thing I can date man if you have multiples and we you definitely want to be aggressive in tournament if you have kids. Absolutely you want to you want to treat for these things. Like I said usually their their lifespan is pretty small and Caterpillar they’re trying to find what they need to so they can Nick cocoon and and and go on from total butterfly or a moth. So it’s not a long, long duration. Some of them are if you look at the Oleander caterpillars they make these black web Senate and if you have a large cylinder tree, you can literally have your entire underside your ease just black and with 1000s of pixels, one on top of the other on top of the other copy the other lot of people don’t put a those type of plants in that can cause those type of problems. What was it the crape myrtles the I can’t remember which one it was. But there’s there’s several plants and that oak trees are known for. You can have 10 caterpillars as well as those little little green ones. And then Bogut Vilius, that was able to book and videos have a problem as well as all the other caterpillars and just about anything. I mean, it is in their diet, they will see that if you had monarchs, they would be the milkweed is what you would do, but that the most people want them the monarchs because of the pretty the butterflies or so, but long the short being is that if it’s fuzzy, leave it alone. If you have more than one, you probably have a lot more and you want to do some type of application or treatment on your shrubs. Usually one company is what you want to do with that. Coby’s Tentless Termite and Pest Control and as long as God keeps making them will keep killing them. And hope you found that helpful. You have a good day.

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