Mice in Tampa Bay Florida

And we’re back. I Coby here with Coby’s Tentless Termite and Pest Control. And today we’re talking about mice, the Tampa Bay area. Mice are not something we have a lot of, we don’t see a lot of when you go to other states, mice are huge problems. field mice, and these things are their little tiny things and actually cute unless you have an infestation, and then everything changes with that. So just like rats, mice, exclusion is going to be your most important thing. And because they’re so tiny, they can fit into just about anything, so you really have to work hard at excluding them in. And then I would definitely recommend a baiting program on a regular basis to go ahead and make sure you’re keeping the population under control. And then as far as trapping goes, what seems to work best, at least in my experience with what seems to work best is sticky boards. Where with rats, if you put something new in their environment, unless there’s a real big infestation within something new in your environment, they’re skittish. They want to they don’t want to go near that. My security is just the opposite. You put a lemon drop on a sticky board I think I’d seen 22 might get caught on a sticky board. Just because you were so curious. I wish they could say that they help their buddies but I don’t think that’s what it was so but but my son or fortunately we don’t have a huge problem with with that in this area. Although whenever you do have a rodent in the attic or wherever it is, that’s the first thing people say Oh, I have mice No ma’am. You probably have rats. But either way you definitely get something like that checked out and have somebody look at it they can identify what the problem is and what the best course of action and then go from there. Of course try the lemon drop in the and the sticky trap and that may work.

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