Milliepedes and Centipedes in my Tampa House and Pool

And we’re back. Coby here with Coby’s Tentless Termite and Pest Control. You can talk to you about lawn insects, or, well when they come into your house, I guess they’re no longer lawn and sector millipedes and centipedes. Now first of all, what’s the difference between a millipede the centipede, a millipede is not known to sting or bite or do anything like that. And they have two pairs of legs per body segment, a centipede has one pair of legs per body segment. And they are known to, to do just that they do sting or bite. And we can be quite an aggressive aggressive this, if you go to do something with them, I won’t say they’re going to chase you because I’ve never seen that before. But they do bite, which was let’s face it. So the what tends to happen is is that you will get changes in barometric pressure, whether it is rain, whether it’s lack of rain, a drought. And when these things happen, these things are normally long insects that feed they’re in the lawn feeding off things along. And then all of a sudden, you’ll see them something wandering the home, or you’ll see them on the front porch, you’ll see them in the pool, and different times a year you’ll this will happen. Used to be we don’t have the little tiny black millipedes and those were the only thing we ever saw. And those things were crazy. As far as when it house had an infestation, you would see 1000 A day in the pool. And a pool would pick them up. And they put them through the filter. And they break them up into small pieces and pull small pieces out there. And it was just it was a nightmare. So treating the lawn or having your lawn company trees along with insecticide, we’re gonna do that. Now normally, thereafter, turf damaging paths. And those will fall into that category. So they may not be using something that will work well with that. And when you’re dealing with the other part about that is when they get out of the lawn, they dehydrate and die. So they’re going to die no matter what. But most of the time, you don’t want to wait for something to die, you want to die quickly. And therefore you go ahead and make an application in the pool area around pets in the garden, it monitors us, depending on a pest control company, if they have a lawn license, they can treat the lawn for it. If they don’t, they have to kind of stick stay away from that. But the they are going to die by themselves. And they’re definitely in niches. And you can see Plex just 1000s of the things on that infestations. The more recent ones we’ve seen a little bit bigger. And and but you still see a couple dozen at a time. And they’re just like it’s at the end along and something happens and they get out and then you’ll see them either in your home or in the area that you’re just wait, what’s this over and over and over. And so that’s just least in the Tampa Bay area. That’s what you’re looking at with millipedes and centipedes. And little what happens to those treatments relatively simple. However, on manifestations, it may not stop them. Because like I said, you’re dealing with something that’s coming out of the lawn and with the shrubs of whatnot and it may not may not be enough to kill them, but they’re gonna die anyway. And if you’ve got an entire lawn that has something like that it can it can be frustrating. So anyhow, hope you found that helpful.

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