Trapping Mice Vs Trapping Rats in Tampa Florida

And we’re back. I’m Coby with Coby’s Tentless Termite and Pest Control, here to talk about all things Pescador related in the Tampa Bay area, and we went rats and and I was just with my exclusion, trapping and baby exclusion being how to keep them coming in. And then once you have an issue or a trap for them, what do you use? How do you pay for them? So, when when a trafficker has, I will go ahead and do peanut butters a great one. But so it’s something like a because they’re omnivores are not always herbivores. They will also like Slim Jims. And so if I can’t get get them a one, I’ll get them on the other. One of the things I have done for years is is I will put the rat trap down with the bait that that I’ve chosen. And then I’ll put a little bit of that bait all the way around that. And that gives them a free lunch release, they think it’s a free lunch until they get to the main area seems to help a tremendous amount in smart rats that don’t get caught right away. There’s other tips and tricks to that, that you could do, but that’s one of the ones I do is I put the bait that I’m using around the trap as well as on the trap. And that a lot of times we’ll help get them as far as the baby is concerned once you’ve eliminated your source or at least temporarily eliminated source because they’re always going to have an opportunity to come back. They can’t see what the garment smell anything and the urine, the feces trails that they leave behind will definitely attract other other rats over the years. And so putting it bait stations around the outside and doing a monitoring system that is is pretty crucial. And a lot of times that were wonderful. But on occasions. I’ve seen it in in St. Pete and I’ve seen it in St. Pete Clearwater and d’alene where they have the old pipes and then those old pipes they have rusted through and the rats were coming up into the pipes through the pipes and into the homes. And so you can bet all you want but unless you can go ahead and find those spots and other tough ones. Then then you’re really looking at a getting camera out there going through the system. My seen smoke test fail. That’s supposed to be a wonderful thing. But when you have an issue like that, but but the monitoring beating unless you have an issue where you’ve done all that you seal everything up and you still have an issue, then more than likely it’s plumbing related and that’s where you go from there. So I hope you found this helpful. And always remember, as long as God keeps making it will keep killing you have a great day and enjoy this

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