What To Do If You Find Ticks in Your Pinellas County Home

And we’re back. Full be here with Coby’sTentless, Termite and Pest Control and talking about all things bugs in the Tampa Bay area where we most of our services. And Texas are the subject today. We were talking last week about a touchpad in Florida. And my my thought process was basically that if you have one, they’re bad. And so what do you do if you, if you do see ticks in your home or in your yard or on your animals? Well, first thing I would recommend is getting a good tip collar and going to Walmart is not a good tip collar. So don’t Don’t, don’t do that. You will just be chasing your tail so to speak. But the that was his first thing you want to do for the animals, you could also be the animals, calm them with a fine comb, pick anything that’s off them off, you’re gonna want to treat your yard. And that’s critical because that’s where they came from. And how they got there is probably the squirrels, the birds, the raccoons, possums, whatever. Maybe they’re not mcgillis brought them in, and then the American Dog Tick is the one we have the most common around here. And so that leaves the eggs and which can lead up to 6500 eggs in a lifetime and left employee two months. So that’s where they came from, you wouldn’t that yard, and then you’re gonna definitely want to hit with any animals laying that many eggs, you definitely want to create the inside. Now, you can always attempt this by yourself. And if you’re gonna do that on the outside Good luck. I mean, I don’t know of any products at the moment. Nothing that comes to mind is strong enough, or is a combination of what you need that I can think of that you could buy at Home Depot. On the inside, though, you can use rubbing alcohol to go ahead and knock down the population 91%, get it wherever and that will help. But on the outside, I don’t know of anything that you needed in the sector side, as well as growth regulated to break that cycle. And may have to repeat that several times. Every 1000 square feet you need so much. I mean, there’s just a lot to it. If you’re really the ultimate of yourself or good luck, and you might be able to do it, but that’s one of the ones that I usually coach people if they if they want to try to do something like this. And the other reason projects are bad. Or you want to go ahead and jump on this is because just feed them blood. And so they don’t you almost have to hit them directly. Because if you don’t, they’re just going to usually they’re they’re on something high, they’re dropping down. And that’s how they get on you. And if they’re on the animals, so once they drop off, they lay their eggs in those seat ticks and go everywhere. And it’s not uncommon when I do have it proper ticks for us to go ahead and have up in the ceiling of the cracks and crevices live just everywhere. So so this is just something that a couple of things that you may want to do flea collars, definitely hire professionals to treat the yard and then start with at least rubbing alcohol in other areas. And then from there, go from that to if that works wonderful. If not then you can professional happy. So I hope you found that helpful.

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