Carpenter Ants Busy Working On Tampa and Clearwater Wood…in YOUR Home!

Cooby here with Coby’s Tentless Termite pest control that they were going to talk about some larger ants, we’ve talked about some that are rolling in your kitchen and sweetening hands. But there’s also some some larger ones crepin rancer are the ones that are most common, that are much larger. A lot of times people will see them in, say, a area. Let me back up. For years I had people telling me all those crappy areas, they ate my back porch off when people came from north. Like I wondered for years, is that really possible? And I will assume to talk to one of the two most experts on a population in the world who identified I don’t know how many of them but lunch was asked if they had any ants to eat, would they say the United States we did not. I didn’t say we there’s none that can do that. But it is the United States or wasn’t. The situation being that corporations do and how they get their name is that the wood is where you and I can pick our hand is crumbling, because it’s rotten. Usually from water damage, they can go ahead and nest in there. And they can excavate all that wood that’s in there, but it’s already rotten and damage. So they didn’t actually do the damage as much as they just removed the damage. And so that’s the curb grants now. People will see them. Either home occasionally, we used to be all the time. It used to be before we got products that transferred, we spray them down now they come in contact with them and they will go throughout the colonic of the colony. And we have a number of those now that that really worked well for that. But before that we had to literally track down each colony. And the textbooks would say that you can have up to 20 colonies and sub colonies of prep various. I had one particular house that over a nine month period, I found 27 different colonies. They were everywhere and it took forever each time you go out there it was ours to go ahead and find those unfortunately. And so we have different products that will take care of those now. Now currently, in the Tampa Bay area, we have just been starting to see what they call a common carpet dance for years they’ve always been red flag pretty good size. People will see the swarm could be in the kitchen could be in the pool areas a lot of times at nighttime. If you’ll drive by like Walmart, in the shopping center you’ll you’ll actually see 1000s of these things swarming around the lights and whatnot. But that’s that’s what they what they’re the time they reproduce and that’s why you see those but the common carpenter hint now is a black guy he’s pretty good size. And you can see 1000s and 1000s of these things. It’s it’s pretty it’s pretty common for the for the carnage to be very large, and that’s within a year but those are the ones that we most commonly see is were largely instantly outside Coronavirus, your fences, no wood piles and that type of thing. And that is the carpet around so if you see these or anything else you have a question about give us a call.

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