Tampa and Clearwater, Tentless Termite Control is NOW Possible…Part 1

Did you know that you can control termites without a tent? Most people have no clue about that. In fact, we get this a lot. As we go to treat somebody’s , we never knew that you could control termites without a chat. Well, not only do you need to do it, but it’s highly effective. In fact, it lasts for 30, 40 50 years, in some cases, the products we use, are that, that good or they last that long. But the the biggest thing is with that, is that you’re not knowing that, and people don’t want you to know that there’s an alternative to Teddy. And so what I’m going to do in this series of videos that we’re going to go ahead and do is I’m gonna talk about the house, the whys, the what’s the where’s the winds? All those things to give you an idea when this can actually be done? And should should you do it? I mean, is it right for you? And in most cases it is. But there’s a lot of cases that we also will tell you know, you really need to fumigate your home. It varies from time to time and place to place. But that’s where we give a free inspection and an estimate to make sure that we’re a fit for you rather than just say, oh, yeah, absolutely, unequivocally, this is the best way to do it. And in no other way. We’re just not like that. We want to go out there, take a look at the home and make sure that this is something that will fit for you. But But so we’ve been doing this for I’ve been in the business now since he said this, it might very well my my 37th year of being in the Termite and Pest Control business. But the Telus part of it did a lot of research on this, trying to find out there was a company years ago that were saying that they could do a tetanus treatment and every so how are they doing it? What are they doing? What are they using what? Well, I went to every seminar every search I could do on the internet, which back then there wasn’t a whole lot that was a whole lot of internet. But But uh, tried to figure out what unworldly that well figured out how to do it. But I didn’t have the equipment. So I had to find the equipment. And I was going over to the other coast into the process of that. I found the equipment, basically. And as soon as I saw it, I asked was that what I think it is? Yeah, that’s what companies can treat concrete in the walls for travelers with. I said, fantastic. So I had my equipment ordered, and seven jobs booked before I got back on this coast. And that’s how we started that was in 2003. And I’m going to kind of keep these short in and around three minutes, five minutes. So that you’re not overly bored. And you may not want to hear this but certain things what this that’s what you’ll have different different ones, you can go to the next one in the series if you need to. But anyways, long as shorted is we’ll start off with that right there, how we got started in the business and start doing the treatment. So we’ll go and we’ll go from there. And I will see you in the next video.

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