Bed Bugs Are Really Here in Tampa and Clearwater?

This podcast is about you your questions that you have had, or at least my customers have asked me over the last 34 years, and they had those questions over and over, I’m sure you have those same questions, we’re here to answer different questio

ns that that you have and that I haven’t answered for many years. So without further adieu, we’ll get started here. I like to do a little five minute podcast and make sure that we stay in that time period. If you have any questions, give us a call 727-462-0400 or visit us visit us on our website at So we’re going to talk about something that scares the hell out of everybody and they have bedbugs. Out of everything I have ever run into, bedbugs are the most devastating thing to a homeowner, I don’t know quite why other than maybe what has been put in our psyche, since we were little. Don’t let the big bug bugs bite. But these bedbugs, not only are, are extremely difficult and safe to get rid of, but they also are a insight that just messes


with people’s minds. They are seriously, seriously bothered by these. They think they’re on them all the time. They’re scratching all the time. They they’re scared to invite people over to their homes. I mean, there’s so many different variables of things that we have heard over the years. And it’s consistent. I don’t think I’ve ever Oh, this is no big deal.

Our current treatment that we use is a four treatment process. What we basically did was we’ve tried a bunch of different ways to treat for termites. And we found this one that the University of Purdue actually did some research on. And they were finding that if you did a treatment for bedbugs once a month, for a year, that that would fail probably 60 to 80% of the time, if I remember correctly. But if you were to do a service every two weeks, for a six week period of time, that would eliminate them 95% of the time, and only 95% elimination is about the best you’re going to get. Now this is with a chemical application. And this is not always the best thing to do. And the best way to know is to have us come out look, see if there’s something that we can actually help you with. Now, not only bedbugs, mentally taxing, but they’re also very expensive to treat. And the main reason for that is they


‘re so tenacious they get hooked in there. And I mean, when you go into a bad infestation, they’re in the corners of the walls, they’re in the the beds are just one of the many places they’re at, in the outlets in the drawers in the I mean, they’re everywhere. The first sign you see let us come out, let’s find it find these and get rid of as quick as we can. So but that that’s currently what we’re doing what I was saying, that’s not always the best, sometimes he will be the best, sometimes fumigation will be the best. And you need somebody to come out there and just shoot straight with you, Hey, can we help you? How can we help you? What will it take? So yeah, we would, if you have questions about these things. Now, let us come out, zoom in the home, do a free estimate for you a free consultation. And the free consultation is really the big thing for us is that we want to get out there and say, can we help you? Or no, you need to call these people because they’re going to be able to help you. And that’s the that’s one of the big things. And one of the reasons my office manager has been with me for 23 years now is because when we go out there, we want to know what’s best for the customer, not what’s necessarily best for us. And he can look at my reviews. And you’ll see people that say that on a regular basis. Because that’s how we handle it. That’s what we do. We want to go ahead and make sure that we are the best fit for you. And if we’re not, we probably know somebody who is. So anyway, so this is just a little bit information on


the bugs, possible treatments, get a thorough inspection.

Make sure you have that. And if you do, what your options are. They’re expensive, but either we can or we’re going to know the people who can help you with this. So give us a call. If you have a question about this or anything else at 727-462-0400 or visit us on our website at, and that’s my, my thing that tells me my five minutes is up. And we needed to move on. So we timed it pretty good today. But always remember, as long as God keeps making them, we’ll keep killing them. Thanks and you have a great day.

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