Tampa and Clearwater, Tentless Termite Control is NOW Possible…Part 3

Coby McConnell
And we’re back for video three, three, in the series of Did you know, you can creat control control termite without a tent? So we talked about how we found out about it, research development. And now we’re going into 20 Some years later and what we know and what, why the where the when. So when you’re dealing with a catalyst termite the why the why? The reason you really want well, there’s multiple reasons. But we start with longevity, the products simply last over 30 years. And we use a combination of products actually, we use them in appropriate, we use Fipronil. And we use do t or Bories. And the combination of those things and the Fipronil. And and metal blueprint is the same stuff that’s in frontline and advantage that you put on your animals for fleas and ticks. The Laureates is the same stuff in 20, mule team borax, so you’re talking a laundry detergent pet products, but it is stellar, and does a great job with the termite. So that’s the the products that we use as we’re doing the job. As we’re treating your home, we’re trying to get into as many locations as much bare wood is getting Okay, so we’ll go into the attic and treat as much as that as we possibly can, then we go down if you have crawlspace underneath the house for you. But if you have wood frame home, then we’ll do above the windows below the windows around the end in the outside walls. If you have a block home, we’ll we’ll treat the inside interior walls where the studs are at, above the door frames in between every 16 inches on center is usually how the homes are built. And so we’ll drill a tiny little eighth inch hole, inject under high pressure. And when we do that, it just coats the wood penetrates in there and it and as it dries it once we reach equilibrium, so it penetrates into the wood. And over the next 45 days, it’s going to go ahead and kill the majority of termites. Now, it’s a liquid it is not a gas, okay. So there’s going to be nooks and crannies that just aren’t hit. I mean, there’s just this. And because of that, that’s why we offer a warranty up to a lifetime. And there’s very few companies none that I know that they’re doing catalyst services. And mainly, I think one they’re not quite sure on what they’re doing to the probably give up and tell people they need to fumigate their home, which we we never do. And then third, one of the district spot treatments, this little spot here, this little spot here, this little spot here, our treatment is in a whole whole the entire home is going to be treated like this is much better when we can get to and then once a year, we’ll come back and inspect unless you need us for lunch, we see something and then we’re gonna come back and take care of those things as needed. But that’s the how the house to grill tiny holes, they’re about an eighth of an inch into the walls. Inject under high pressure, treat the entire thing and that’s how you treat for termite. Control termites without a tent. One of the ways I’ll get into some more with this is for travel choice. We’ll get into subterranean termites on a later show. I will see you in video four of this series.

Coby McConnell
Hi, I’m Coby with Coby stentless termite pest control. And if you’re like most people, your home is your most valuable possession and you want to protect it from termites, roaches, ants, rats, mice and any other unwanted pests that can cause serious damage and disease to you, your family and your pets at copings. We understand that we’re a full service pest control company helping folks just like you live pest free lies. So call Coby  727-462-0400 for a free consultation and inspection  Always remember, as long as God keeps making them. We’ll keep killing them. Thanks and you have a great day.

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