Tampa and Clearwater, Tentless Termite Control is NOW Possible…Part 4

Coby McConnell
Okay, and we’re back! Coby here with Coby’s Tentless Termite and Pest Control discussing the question, can you treat? Or control termites with out attempt? And the answer is definitely, yes. Last one, we went over how it’s done. And we’re in a weird way now. This one’s gonna go on the why, why would you want to do something other than this is been around for 100 years, it’s very effective it does this? Well. Longevity is one of the biggest ones. The the old saying, doing the same thing over and over. and expecting a different result is the is the definition of insanity. Well, that’s exactly what fumigation does, they’re gonna treat your home with two deadly poison gases. And that’s the other reason you may not want these deadly poison gases around you, your family and your pets. Which I can’t think of anybody who does. But if they have to, they have to they understand that. But you’re dealing with with Viking or sort of rural formamide as well as tear gas chloropicrin. And the reason they put the second one, and it’s a warning nature to let them know that if anybody goes in there, they can’t sustain, they’re not able to breathe in and out of USB in there. So that they run out. So that’s why they have to deadly poison gases on their the the Getting back to the wider, you said that you have the deadly poison gases, you don’t want to be around, you want something with longevity, that’s going to go ahead and last for a long period of time protect your most valuable investment. You also may not want, if you look at the preparation sheet, thing, I mean, it’s like, I gotta fit my medicines out, I can do something like food, I’m gonna do this or that. And they’re just long list of preparations that you have to go ahead and do. Well, I don’t know about you, but my pantry is reducing. That means I’m taking out bags and bags and bags of stuff that we’ve accumulated over time, spices and so on. Just sort of like preparation to go ahead and do that. You’re out of your home for three days with you and your pets and your family. Now you could just say it’s a vacation, that’s, that’s great. We’re just, we’re just fine. But when you come back, you’ve got all this then they swear that you do not need to wash your dishes. I understand that because it’s supposed to disappear when it goes in. And that way you can go back in well, so can the termites. When that happens, you also don’t have if you look at not only the preparation sheet, but you have the waivers in the waivers because the cast can kill your shrubs. If you have a birdcage and you have to remove have somebody take the screen out and then put the screen back in. Then you have large men 200 250 pound guys carrying 202 interfaith tarps that up on your roof. And so they have to waive the damage on your gutters and your roof and you’re done. And we’re just being they’re just doing their job. But that’s what you’re going to go through in order to get your home and then guess what’s gonna happen. Termites are coming back every and most companies will go ahead and give you a five and if you’re lucky seven year warranty but then you’d have to fumigate your home again, in almost all cases, I don’t know of any company that that you don’t continue to engage over and over and over. So that’s that’s the talked about the how and this is the why you would not want to go hit and go with that. Now why would you? Well, there could be something in that the house that we just cannot treat properly. Hi cathedrals ceilings for example with with no attic access above them. Can we feed them? Absolutely. Is it the best way to do it? We don’t think so. We think it’d be better if you go hidden and fumigate in that situation. There’s if you had an older home that had layers of siding, 12345 layers of siding. Just put one on top of the other. We’ve run into that before we get to the first or the second one their inner the outer one. But we can’t get to all three of them. least not right away. As those tournaments move because they can’t stay put, they’re gonna go ahead and get back to that propagate. And I’m going over time here, I don’t want to make these too long. So I’m going to go ahead and cut number four off here. And I’ll see you in the next video.


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