Clearwater Pest Control – How to control cockroaches in your home!

In and around Clearwater, pest control operators get lots of calls each year from homeowners who are seeing cockroaches in and around their homes. Actually, there are several species that love to get into homes.  And, the one that causes the most problems for homeowners is the small, brown German Cockroach (Blattella germanica). German cockroaches […]

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Clearwater Pest Control – Bed Bug Infestations on the Rise!

Clearwater pest control operators are getting more and more calls from frantic homeowners who have discovered bedbugs in their homes! Have you ever thought that a bed bug infestation can’t happen to you? Well, in January 2013 Orkin put out a 2012 Top 50 list of most infested cities across the United States which shows an […]

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Clearwater Pest Control – Don’t let the bedbugs bite!

We would like to thank Attorney Walt Blenner for being our guest blogger this week at Coby’s Tentless Termite & Pest Control. To contact Attorney Walt Blenner please visit his website at: Despite their tiny size, bed bugs have become an enormous problem and health risk in both rental units and hotel/motel rooms in recent […]

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Clearwater Termite Control – Ants or Termites?

Clearwater pest control operators get lots of calls, especially in the early spring and summer, from homeowners who have discovered flying insects in or around their homes and don’t know if it is termites or ants. Those pesky ants that you see flying around the house might not be ants! Ants and termites both fly […]

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