Brown Recluse Spiders Are Not “Recluse” in Tampa Clearwater Area

And today we’re talking about brown recluse spiders, and other dangerous spiders here in the Tampa Bay St. Pete Clearwater area. So the good news is that we really don’t have a problem with or have brown recluse spiders down here. Now I know that’s that’s when someone gets bid and they look at the damage, a doctor would look at your damage on your arm. It’s an ultra sore, it’s nasty, it’s horrible. And they immediately say it is a Broncos by Erbitux. Well, fortunately for us, brown recluse can not survive in the weather temperatures, the heat we have down here in Tampa Bay, everything has always been where we have proven brown recluse and years ago, there was only 20 in the entire state that were proven, we needed a little bit to find an actual recluse of any kind, whether that was a Chilean recluse or like, these were always something that came were brought in from somebody who move into the area, no matter where you were, that could be another boat could have been one. But that’s what they that’s what it was. So it was explicit, extremely, extremely rare, but they just simply can’t survive here. So that’s the good news. The bad news is there are other spiders down here that that can hurt you now, all spiders are venomous, okay, that’s how they kill their prey. That’s what goes on. Fortunately, they are not looking for something that’s 3000 times bigger than them. And so that’s not really going to be much of an issue. The we do have black widows, very rarely do I see a black widow, it’s almost always a brown widow. And the difference is if you see an all black spider, with the hourglass on the back, that would be a black widow. If you see a mostly black spider, or a brown spider or any and the kind of broken up as far as the color goes, maybe on their legs, there could be some different colors, whatnot. But it certainly has that hourglass, that would be a brown recluse they have read that prey that arabicas in brown widow, they’ve read widows and other colors too. But the brown one is the one we see the most. Now, if you are not sure, the way you would see if you see a spiderweb. And then that spider web, you see a little ball and it spikes on it. That is a round widow. And that’s a very common way to identify that you have a broader problem in your area, unfortunately, so they’re not aggressive. So they don’t usually go after you. But if you get that it will, you’re going to have problems. The spider we most likely have down here that does damage like a brown recluse is called a yellow sack spider. And it’s just one of the ones we have commonly down here. And it’s been shown that it can definitely give you the ultra sores. So it’s pretty, pretty nasty, what it does and how long it takes to heal. And you will not be able to tell when I’ve when I’ve seen customers or people have been bitten by something. And knowing that they didn’t travel out of the state or anything like that. I knew it was not a brown recluse. But you could not tell if you look at two pictures of an ultra sore to say Oh, that is that isn’t that’s just you’re just not able to do that. And they don’t medical books don’t care about what it is gonna be the most common thing that everybody thinks there’s an issue with. So yeah, so that’s that’s what you’re dealing with. So they’re gonna have the rare recluse kid get hit by something else, but it’s usually pretty unlikely. They’re just not very aggressive and they don’t really they just don’t, don’t bother and benefit beneficials first what they take care of in catching other insects. So we’re very fortunate that we do have them. Anyhow, I’m Kobe with Kobe stentless, Termite and Pest Control. Always remember, as long as God keeps making and we’ll keep killing them and you have a great day

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