Protect Yourself from the Zika Virus in Pinellas County, FL

It happened. The first reported case of the dreaded Zika virus has hit Pinellas County. CBS News is reporting health officials are going door to door canvassing areas looking for potential “clusters of cases”.

Coby’s Tentless Termite and Pest Control is on the job, doing their professional best, applying the latest mosquito control methods to protect you and your family.

Why is the spread of the Zika virus in Pinellas County so serious? If this horrible virus infects pregnant women, their babies are impacted by Microcephaly which causes severe birth defects, primarily abnormal brain and skull development, which can lead to seizures and physical and mental defects. There are currently 69 pregnant women in Florida infected by the Zika virus.

Furthermore, recent studies of this disease show that the Zika virus may not only affect pregnant women and their babies, but may also affect the brain and memory of adults who become infected.

How has this happened if mosquitoes only travel about 300 yards, and the “Zika Zones” known as Wynwood in North Miami, and Miami Beach are so far away from Tampa Bay?

When a Zika-infected mosquito bites a non-infected person, it transmits the virus into the human’s system. If that person gets bitten by a non-Zika-infected mosquito, that mosquito contracts the Zika virus. Now, this infected mosquito has the potential to bite and spread the Zika virus to entire neighborhoods, creating yet another “Zika Zone”.

It is more important now, more than ever, to protect yourself and your family from the realistic potential of contracting the Zika virus in Pinellas County. That starts with using bug spray that includes DEET. The concentration of DEET in a bottle of bug spray translates to how long it is effective, not how strong the potency. The higher the percentage of DEET, the longer it will work for you.

It may be uncomfortable, but when going outside, wear long sleeves and long pants to deter mosquito bites.

Eliminate every area of standing water around your home. Even a bottle cap full of water can be a breeding ground for mosquitoes. With several months left in hurricane season, there are concerns that heavy rain and storms can result in heavy pockets of standing water which will attract mosquitoes.

Most importantly, call Coby’s Tentless Termite and Pest Control NOW! Coby knows the risks are just too great not to take action, and he will identify problematic areas in and around your home to protect you and your family from the Zika virus in Pinellas County.

If you’ve got a problem with mosquitoes, or any other pest…or simply a question…call Coby’s Tentless Termite and Pest Control today at 727.462.0400 and ask for Coby.  He’ll be happy to speak with you anytime!

PS:  And remember what Coby says… As long as God keep’s makin’em, we’ll keep killin’em!”

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