Subterranean Termites are Near Homes In Clearwater & Tampa NOW

This is Coby McConnell, Coby Tentless, Termite and Pest Control. And here I’m going to be talking to you for about the next five minutes on different things that I have experienced over the last 34 years in the business. The top questions I get that answering things that people have asked me for many, many, many years, and I think you’ll find it very interesting, at least I hope you do. So, without further ado, let’s talk about termites. So mainly, there’s two kinds of termites in Florida, there is a dry wood termites and a subterranean termite. Now, there is one other one is a damp wood termite, but it doesn’t really do any real damage or cause any problems here. So we kind of just leave it be it doesn’t, doesn’t do much anything that no reason to mess with it. But you’re subterranean and drywood termites are huge, huge problems in the Tampa Bay area. So what you’re basically looking at is a subterranean termite colony, is is started off at probably something like Oh, say 60,000 to several million in the colony. And that colony can go as far as a football field maybe even a little bit further. They’ve had tests, I can know which University it was imagine that University of Kentucky, have pole barns, tobacco barns up in Kentucky, where they took five gallon buckets of litmus paper blue and red litmus paper. And they would set them in different locations around the barn. And they found in a three week period of time, they found a blue termite in a pink bucket that was 70 yards away. So basically, you’re looking at, they were able to travel in a relatively short period of time considering how small these guys are. 70 yards are almost a football field. So it’s pretty interesting how they can travel as well as the damage they can do. The treatment for subterranean termites has been a standard treatment for many years was to go ahead and drill into the foundation of the home about every foot every two feet, inject product underneath. And then once you’ve done that hope that the termites get into that the old timers even would take a hammer and a star bit. And they would put holes in the blocks that concrete blocks underneath the home and do the same thing they would they would treat inside of those areas, because they knew that termites would come up the hollow voids of the blocks. But in I’d say the last 20, maybe 25 years we’ve had products we’ve we’ve come across that transfer, if you will, that kind of whether it’s a whether it’s touched or eaten, as that termite comes in contact with that it now will go and talk to his buddy and that buddy is now affected. It’s kind of like the Coronavirus of insecticides. And it spreads through the entire colony and it kills that entire colony, usually within about 90 days. Pretty, pretty impressive that it’s able to do that. So that’s what the the subterranean termites and what we run into. And for many, many, many years, I started in the business in 1986. And for a solid 15 years, there was just such a problem. Since the use of these products, we have seen a decrease in activity. Some people say that we’ve treated them all Yeah, I don’t think so. But the long and short is is that the subterranean termites do a lot of damage very quickly, because our calling is just so big. And the best way to treat them is to dig a trench around the outside currently with the product we have and put the product in. And once we’ve done that, then they’re going to come across it and within about 90 days, they’re going to go ahead and die. And that’s that’s a that a highly effective treatment for the last 20 years. And it lasts for 1015 years and sometimes even longer than that.
So well I told you it was only going to be five minutes and it has been five minutes and so I’m willing to do another episode. But I thank you guys for being here and listening. And if you have any questions give us a call at 727 462 0400 Thanks for listening and I’ll talk with you soon.

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