Tentless Termite Explained for Residents of Tampa & Clearwater Florida

Hi, Coby here with Coby;s Tentless, Termite and Pest Control. And with the podcast I’ve got going on here. My goal is to tell you that the questions are answered the questions that have been asked for me for the past 34 years. These questions are something that’s come up over and over and over again, in most cases, some of them are new questions that I hadn’t even thought of. But these are questions that are very, very common. And if most of my customers have had them, I’m sure you have an interest in what what these things are as well. So that’s what we’re here to talk about is questions that you have, that we can answer that that over the last 34 years I’ve experienced, and hopefully we can shed some light on some things. So without further adieu, we were talking about dry wood, termites and different types of treatment. And we talked about fumigation. And in the last episode, and why, what worked and how it worked as far as injecting a gas in a closed environment. But the problem being is that there’s no residual. So I was always looking for a better way to treat for termites. And so my, there was somebody, I believe they were called Home Guard. And they had treated the Bellevue Biltmore without tenting. And I was like, how in the world they do that, and so I did all kinds of research and whatnot on it. And I was able to find the equipment on the other coast where I was going over there to pick something. And when I found it, my immediate thing, is that what I think it is, yeah, this is how you treat dry wood termites without attempt. And I had my equipment ordered and seven jobs booked before I got back to this coast. So what what is a tetanus treatment? Well, just like you said, there’s no 10 there’s no poisonous gas that goes in there. And in our case, we use as the same products that are in frontline and advantage, things that you use, on a regular basis were for fleas and ticks on animals. So it has almost zero toxicity to mammals. And so you can stay right there. The other product we use, which really lasts a long time. And that is the same active ingredient that’s in 20 mule team borax. So if you’re familiar with the product, you know that it, it lasts a very long time, well, it’s very safe, you wouldn’t know that it’ll last a long time, it’s a laundry detergent. So we combine those different products and our job is to get to as much bare wood in your home as is possible. We go in the attic and treat as much bare wood as we can there. Go underneath the home, if you have a crawlspace that we treat the bear with us underneath, we will inject into the walls about every 16 inches we go in between the studs. And under high pressure. If you can picture Well, if you can’t picture it, Google tentless termite demo, and you’ll see a copy of that, or a picture or video of how we go about treating but the the neat, it’s a needle that’s kept at the end has two holes on the side. And what happens with that is that if we are to give you a demonstration out in the open, because about 15 feet in either direction. But when you have a void of a wall that’s usually about 16 inches wide and eight feet tall, it just coats everything that’s inside of there. Now when you go every single void, we like to go above windows below windows, and just get to as much bare wood as we possibly can. And then once we’ve done that, those products soak into the wood now the
the first two that we have done have been tested for about 15 years before they stopped the test. And at the time they are for the subterranean termites. They were literally 95% effective or 97% effective over a 15 year time period being put in the woods in the ground, keeping termites away from a structure a key piece of wood. Great stuff. But the other one, once it goes into the wood, nothing is known to take it out the same active ingredient as a 20 million borax. So it’s literally a permanent treatment. And why is this important? And why do you care if it’s a permanent treatment versus I want to kill the termites now? Well, I do I want to kill the termites Now also, but I know they’re coming back. Every insect in Florida doesn’t go away forever. It’s gonna come back and when it does what is going to prevent it from eating your home. Most of the time of the fumigation, you’re looking at something that’s going to start eating your home, either that year that you fumigated or the year after He won’t see them for five years or more. So they’ve eaten for five years before you can notice them. In our case, something flies into the home, because it’s going to try to get back in. It’s going to take a bite, and it’s going to die. Now, that is what we really want. We want to protect your home for as long as we possibly can. And that’s my warning signal that says, I’ve been talking too long. So this is the end of this podcast. We’ll talk more about this subject and many more later. If you have any questions, give us a call at cobis 727-462-0400 or visit us on your website, our website at CobysPestControl.com Always remember, as long as God keeps making them, we’ll keep killing them. You have a great day.

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