German Roaches aka Little Roaches are Tampa Clearwater Pests

And we’re back. Hi, Coby here with Coby’s, Tentless Termite and Pest Control, here to talk to you about little roaches in your kitchen. Almost always, that’s going to be a German roach. And they’re just a nasty, nasty thing and they’re very prolific. So the bigger roaches that we see from the outside, it takes one nine months give or take for them to reach sexual maturity. As far as a German Roach takes 45 days, so under perfect conditions to can become 450,000 in a year. Now, that doesn’t, unless you just absolutely ignore something, or we’re breeding them. It’s not going to happen that way. But they are an absolute nightmare to get rid of. We will use and require quite a bit of work on our clients for customers, where we have to literally have to empty all the cabinets out, move move, I mean just all the little things that we have to go ahead and do to go ahead and treat them, then we have to use the center side as well as a growth regulator because what we need to do is we need to kill what’s there, of course, but we also need to break the cycle so they can’t lay eggs or legs, those legs never are able to hatch out. And so that’s what we want to do, we will treaty for German roaches when in the early mid 80s A 600 got involved in pest control that we have to clean out and you never said oh, I got this little tiny problem. Now it was always a mess. And you would literally have roaches running. When you get done there was there was usually it easy 100 If not up to up to 1000 I’ve seen one particular place that just just terrible. Anyway, so in those situations, in most situations, it will take multiple times for us to treat with a combination of growth regulators and set asides in order to go ahead and get that under control. Now, how do you get what I mean? So these do not come from the outside. These are one of the few insects this is what we call every pest green beetles, flower flower beetles, weevils, those type of things, these are some of the very few things that are brought into the home and then hatch out Berlin bring out there and I was warn people because there was a situation where my my wife was volunteering at the primitive sanctuary in Palm Harbor. And she would go to the the vegetable stands that give her boxes of fruit for the for the animals. And we had this nasty infestation not only in our van, but also in our kitchen because of what we’re being brought into the home and to the to the van. So once we once we figured it out at first I was like why am I seeing these and it and it didn’t dawn on me and this was that’s 25 years ago. And the props we had which was were quite a bit different than but that is that is how they get in there. They’re going to be brought in usually from some type of box or something that came in from the grocery store where they’ve kind of tagged along and they’ve gotten in there it used to be also that we have that paperbacks where they love the glue in the bottom of the paperbacks and people paper bags and plastic bags in there. And they’d be bunched in there. But uh, but it takes a little time on a pretty regular basis to get rid of them. But we definitely can do that. So if you have questions about this or anything else, please let me know I’m Kobe with Kobe stentless Termite and Pest Control, where as long as God keeps making, we’ll keep killing and you have a great day.

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