Fire Ants in Tampa and Clearwater Florida

Coby here with Coby’s Tentless Termite and Pest Control and now that we’ve covered sweetly the answer they normally come into the home that you’re dealing with crop rants and answer you the outside the home but can nest inside the home and can do some some some excavate wood. And now when these puts in the yard normally, and one of the most common ones, of course is fire ants and you’ll see a mound with fire ants. And obviously they’re very aggressive they bite everybody’s familiar with with the party, somebody and a lot of people actually can go into anaphylactic shock with those. So they have to be very careful when they around those or make sure they’re dead. The other ones we see a lot. And people think that they are fire ants. And what they are is you’ll see these ant and it’s kind of a reverse pyramid, it kind of goes down and those right there and then answer coming in and aggravate the page with ants and pyramid ants as well as crazy ants. But you’ll see those in the yard and you spray those. And no matter what you use, it tends to go hand and lasts for about three weeks and then they pop back up. But if you treat the entire area on regular basis, you can you can keep them away. If you especially if you’re doing a lot of companies, a lot of times we’ll go ahead and offer that type of service or they will put insecticide in their sprays. And so that kind of keeps them awake or keeps them at bay I won’t say away. But either way. If you’re seeing these or anything else you can give us a call. Happy to coffee about what you have or what you think you have and how we can help you get rid of it. No need to deliver something you don’t want to anyhow and Kobe President Kobe stentless Termite and Pest Control where as long as God keeps making them. We’ll keep going. Do you have a great day

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