Tampa and Clearwater, Tentless Termite Control is NOW Possible…Part 5

And we’re back Coby with Coby’s Tentless, Termite and Pest Control, where as long as God keeps making, we’ll keep killing them. To go a little bit further on the why you would want a to control termite without attacking. And it goes back to the longevity of the products and the nature of termites. So once we put our products into the into the home on the wood, it’s absorbed. Here’s, here’s things, and hopefully we kill all the termites. If you have three colonies, no problem, if you have 35 colonies might take a visitor to defined all these locations. But it’s a very simple process once you treated all the bare wood in the home to treat a little spot here and a little spot there. But with fumigation, as I mentioned before, you’re going to go ahead and have a gas that goes in, tip stays on, couple days comes off, gas leaves, and you can go back and watch as soon as you go back in the termites can go back in. And people were like, Well, how long does that take? Well, usually it’ll happen the same year. Because during the height of season, usually it’s going to be between May 15 I’m sorry, April 15 to July 15, roughly I mean sometimes different years it’ll do a different things but but um but those times you’re gonna swarm and Docker Swarm every single day, not the same colonies, every quality is going to be different different climate was one. And then here’s how I like to look at it. They want you want to know where they swim to get my house? Well Did the wind blew towards your house or do to blow away from your house, because they’re not grateful hires. And so if the wind blew through the house, and they’re going to be in your neighbor’s house, your neighbor old fences, wood piles, old trees, shrubs, all these things are going to go ahead and be in an each colony. After about five years, they’re gonna swarm. And once they swarm, it literally depends on which way the wind blew, whether they came to your house away from it. So let’s say that there’s let’s just shorten the period of say there’s 60 days that the termites are swarming. At least half of those days that wind blew towards your house. So you might get lucky in the first year that you fumigated, you did not get reinfestation. But I can guarantee you the next year you did a peep. So we can’t see him there. How do we know that? Because I know how they work. And I know why. fumigation companies, which had been around for 100 years. And fumigation does work. As I mentioned, when we we recommend them all the time. They guarantee it, or they start few getting homes every five to seven years. And some people wait a little bit longer, a little bit shorter. But but that’s that’s the window that they’re looking at. And the reason for that is is because those termites got back in that hole most immediately. Now here’s why I say that. With dry wood termites, once you have to the pair off, they swarm, they pair off, that’s what the swimmers do there. Those are the days the reproductives. So they pair off kings and queens boom, and they form another colony. That colony takes five years. And there’s approximately 500 termites after five years. And that termite that colony then can sustain swarmers or create more termites that will go out into an swarm and start their own colonies. And that’s a five year process. So we know that when you see that swarm, from fumigation perspective, that it’s going to go ahead and be in that timeframe. Within that five years, you may miss them the first year. But five to seven years is the normal commie feeling again, with what we do, there might be a small little thing that we have to address, but that was protected and nothing is going to take it out of the wood unless you remove the wood. And that’s it gets back to the why you would control termite without attempt and I will see you in the next video.

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