Palmetto Bugs, Big Roaches, Water Bugs in Tampa and Clearwater Florida

And we’re back. Coby here with Colby’s Tentless Termite, answering your questionson bugs in the Tampa Bay area. Right now. One of the things we don’t see a lot of in the wintertime is big roaches. Nobody likes to say to broach it we’d like to say to Palmetto bug, nobody was saying they have roaches in their house. So what I would say is come waterbucks It’s, it’s really the term. Potable there’s any large Roach, you’re gonna have American roaches, stray in oriental, Fleur Woodridge, all these different things. And they’re they’re big, they get up to two inches. And depending on who you talk to, they saw they could put a satellite in, right. But the but the main thing is those are normally considered branches that come from the outside and will come into your home. We will discuss in a further podcast about German roaches and then brought into the home. Completely different situation. But brooches are, we don’t have snow. But we definitely have roaches in Florida. And we’re always going to have evidence of those unless you get our home maintenance service and you prevent things like that from happening. But the the number one way for preventionists to spray, the perimeter, the flume, the mulchers, the sub areas, those things like that, and that will will either live under there or as they start to migrate into the home. They’ll go ahead and indict. When do you see the most activity? Well, that’s an interesting thing. Because when I grew up in the pest control business, this was the 37 years now. I listened to the old timers talk about other customers and they say Mrs. Jones call I have a problem with something and you know the thing I’d be up to yet, oh, it’s real hot now. That’s why they’re saying oh, it’s real cold showers. If you’re wet, it’s real dry, like everything, but then it dawned on me after many years in the business, all those are true. Anytime you have a change in the weather extremes in the weather, you will get movement of insects, especially roaches. So any of those things could cause activity and things to be to come in and infest the home. One thing I will say though, we don’t see a lot of infestations inside. If you have cookbooks or or paper products that just sit forever in your kitchen. Very likely that you’re going to have roaches and that they’ll find a way to get in there and they’ll eat the glue of the books. So it’s it’s it’s definitely one of those things to where you will hopefully you never get that in there but just watch your what’s your paper products. If they’ve been there for a long time. Every have the lovely cookbooks they’ve had forever. Baby crackers, my favorite so but anyways, I’m Kobe, Kobe stentless termite pest control. If you have a question about this or anything else regarding bugs, please give us a call. And always remember as long as God keeps making we’ll keep killing them. Thanks and you have a great day.

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