Tiny Ants, Sugar Ants, Piss Ants, Ghost Ants, The Same Thing Clearwater and Tampa!

And we’re back on Coby with Coby’s TentlessTermite and Pest Control, here to answer your questions about bugs. And today we’re going to be talking about some ants, the little ones. Now, most of the time in the Tampa Bay area, when you see small, tiny ants in your kitchen, bathroom, wherever it may be, in most cases, they’re looking for a something sweet. People call them sugar ants,  piss ants, but most of them, they’re actually a ghost ant. And they’re really, really tiny, and they move kind of sporadic. But once they find something, they will form a trail that goes back and forth. And that’s the most common and we see. And we have found over the years, there will be special sweet baits that we use. And just knock them out. And then a good perimeter treatment around the outside keeps them away. A lot of the products, there’s a product out there, most people have seen in the drugstores and or in fact, it’s been around so long that I actually have a customer of mine who had a vial of it, and the active ingredients arsenic. So it’s been around for a long, long time. But now they use D O T or boric acid. And, and the only problem we have with it does tend to institute go towards it and whatnot is that it’s about a 5% solution that solutions are too strong. What happens is those ants will get to it, and they die before they ever get back to the colony. So you really need something that’s going to be able to give it back to the colony, feed the colony and then eliminate and eliminate the colony. And the elimination is is interesting because right now we’re going in a home that is rare to preserve. And so they are they’re always coming back. And that’s not sure that’s why we call it pest control because they do come back long and short though is as these are goes down into smaller areas. There are some others feral ants, pavement ants. But the ones that are in your kitchen are normally considered to be a ghost answer sweet. I hope this helps. And Kobe will call these tasteless drama and pest control. As long as God keeps making them. We’ll keep going. And you’d have a great day. We’ll catch you on the next podcast.

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